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Can You Remotely Install Android Spy Software?

Android Spy Software Remote Install

I get a lot of emails from people who want to know if it's possible to install Android spy software (or any other type of spy phone software) without physical access to the cell phone.

The quick answer is NO.

You cannot remotely install Android spy software because you MUST have physical access to the Android device. There is absolutely no way around this. Not a single Android spy software vendor on the market today (this also includes BlackBerry & iPhone spy software), is selling any type of mobile spy software that has remote installation.

So what should you do if you cannot get physical access to the target phone? Definitely don't waste your money on any type of Android spy software.  I repeat, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. I know there are few sites out there claiming that you can remotely install spy phone software for all cell phones such as Android, BlackBerry, or iPhone. Some even say you can use technologies such as Bluetooth. Do not believe what they advertise. If you do, its your loss.

My recommendation is that you either find a way to get access to the target phone so you can install Android spy software directly on the cell phone, or you look for alternate ways to monitor them. For example, what two technology items are most used today? I'd say cell phones and computers. If you can't get access to one, go for the other one. Any google search for "PC Spy Software" will turn up at least 40-50 different PC Spy vendors. My personal favorite is Sniper Spy, because it has a cool live monitoring feature and it does have remote installation.

Other options include Google's new Latitude application which allows you to track the movements of a person using Google Maps. However, they will have to 'opt in' to being tracked, so if you want to do this secretly, there is always GPS devices you can place on or in their car. You can also find out who they call most often via looking at their cell phone records (if you have access to them), and then do a reverse phone look up using many of the reverse phone look up services, such as Cell Phone Snoop.

Now you know, that no matter what you read online, there is no way to remotely install Android spy software, but at least there are other ways to get the information you want.  Remember, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY on cell phone spy products that claims you can remotely install it.

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