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StealthGenie Android Spy Software



StealthGenie ( has released their much anticipated Android spy software product. Even though you'll find an ever increasing amount of Android spy apps flooding the market, StealthGenie stands out from them all based not only on their powerful Android spying features, but mainly due to a couple unique features ONLY found on StealthGenie. These features will be discussed in more detail later on in this review.


StealthGenie comes in three different packages. You can get a 'Basic' package that will have all the entry level spy features such as reading call history, viewing text messages, etc.  The next step up is the 'Gold' package that has all the features found in the Basic package, plus a few extra such as reading emails, viewing photos, and a few basic alerts.  The top of the line 'Platinum' package has it all. You get everything in the Basic and Gold package, plus you get some of the most advanced Android spy features found online such as remote monitoring, call recording, triggers/alerts on just about everything you're monitoring, view videos taken on the phone, and even listen to the target phone's music library.

CORE FEATURES > Here are a list of all the "core" features found on the StealthGenie Android spy app that are commonly found on other Android spy apps on the market.  The features listed below represent all the features found in the top of the line Platinum package.  Other packages such as the Basic and Gold will not have every feature listed below, so make sure you review the features in the package you select.

  •  Record Calls - This will enable you to secretly record calls, which are then uploaded to your secure StealthGenie account.  Once these calls are in your account, you can then listen to them and/or download them to your computer.
  • Remote Monitoring – This will secretly record the surroundings of the phone within 15ft. Similar to the call recording feature, these recordings are also uploaded to your secure online account.
  • Real Time Location Tracking – While most Android spy software on the market only report GPS locations every 15-30 minutes, StealthGenie's Android spy app offers real-time location tracking.
  • View Photos, Videos & Listen To Music – View photos and videos taken on the phone, which are then uploaded to your account.  You can also listen to the music stored on the target phone.
  • Read Emails (includes GMail) - With this StealthGenie feature, you can read all incoming and outgoing emails. Moreover, if the user is using GMail, StealthGenie will also record those emails.
  • View Contacts - This feature enables you to view contacts stored on the phone. New contacts are also recorded as they are added.
  • View Bookmarks & Browser History -This will enable you to spy on all their internet activity. See which bookmarks they have saved, and which websites they have visited.
  • SIM Change Notification - This will notify you when the SIM card is changed, along with the new number associated with the new SIM card.
  • Remote Start/Stop - This will enable you to remotely start or stop the app.
  • Remote Lock & BackUp - This feature enables you to remotely lock the phone in case of a situation where your phone is lost or stolen and you don't want anyone to use it. Moreover, you can also remotely back up and delete all the contents off the phone.
  • Remote Deactivation - This will enable you to remotely deactivate the app.

STEALTHGENIE ONLY > These StealthGenie features are NOT found on other Android spy apps on the market, and are available ONLY on StealthGenie.

  • Triggers & Alerts -  One of the best features offered by StealthGenie is triggers and alerts. This feature enables you to get email and/or SMS alerts when certain words, numbers, or email address are triggered in calls, emails or text messages  How this works is you simply log into your StealthGenie account, and then you simply enter certain ‘trigger’ words, numbers, and email address, and when one of these are detected by StealthGenie, you’ll be notified via SMS and/email.  Why is this a cool feature? If you ever used spy phone software in the past, you'll know what a pain it is to pour through countless SMS, email, and call logs looking for a certain number, or words.  With this feature, you no longer have to do that, you tell StealthGenie what to look out for and StealthGenie does all the work and then notifies YOU when it finds what you are looking for.  This is a HUGE time saver.
  • Customized Interval Reporting – Most Android spy apps on the market do not offer any control over how often the reports are sent from the target phone to your online control panel (this is where you view the recorded logs). This means if you’re trying to track the person you are monitoring, or you want to read what text messages they are sending — at that moment in time, you’re out of luck. However, with StealthGenie, you get complete control over how often the reports are sent. If you’re tracking someone, then you can set the intervals to report every minute. If you want to follow a text message conversation, then you can change the interval as well. No other Android spy app offers this much control over the interval reporting.


StealthGenie is a very POWERFUL Android spy app and is perfect for anyone who wants the most advanced and feature rich Android spy software on the market.  What truly separates StealthGenie from all the competitors offering similar type features, is the triggers, alerts, and customized interval reporting.  These features alone propel StealthGenie to the top and anyone in the market for Android spy software should take a serious look at StealthGenie.  You won't find a better product on the market today.


StealthGenie has three packages - BASIC, GOLD, & PLATINUM.


$99.99 - 1 yr license
$79.99 - 6 months
$59.99 - 3 months


$159.99 - 1yr license
$129.99 - 6 months
$89.99 - 3 months

PLATINUM packge is priced at only $199.99 for a 1yr license, or $109.99 for a 3 month license.

$199.99 - 1 yr license
$149.99 - 6 months
$109.99 - 3 months



  • StealthGenie (ANDROID)
  • Spy Phone Features: Real time tracking, call recording, remote monitoring, read text messages, view call logs, view photos, read emails, & view calendar appointments, triggers, alerts, and customized interval reporting.
  • Additional Features: One of the few Android spy apps that will secretly record calls and enable you to spy on the immediate surroundings of the Android device. Only Android spy app on the market with triggers (words, numbers, email addresses) that will notify you via SMS and/or email when these are activated.
  • Price: $59.99 - $199.99
  • URL:

If you have any questions on StealthGenie, or need advice on which package to buy, leave a comment below.

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