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Android Spy Software + Motorola Droid = DROID Spy Phone

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Motorola DROID seems to be the hot new cell phone at the moment. The early reports indicate that the DROID might be the real deal and could potentially put up a real fight against the iPhone. Seems everything the iPhone doesn't have, the DROID cell phone is proudly announcing it has. Well there is one thing both the iPhone and DROID have in common...... spy phone software!

Although the DROID cell phone is new, it's running the Android OS, which means you can indeed install spy phone software on a DROID cell phone and create your very own DROID spy phone. I've not had the pleasure to test out Android spy software on a DROID phone, but assuming that everything works as expected, you'll be able to do all the fun stuff such as:

GPS Tracking - This will enable you to easily locate the special someone who has Android spy software installed on their DROID phone.

Read & Recover Deleted Text Messages - It doesn't matter if your target has deleted the messages as soon as they read them. If you have Android spy software installed, you'll get access to all incoming and outgoing text messages sent or received on the DROID cell phone.

View Call Logs - No more wondering who is calling or who your partner is calling from their cell phone. Install Android spy software on their DROID phone, and you'll get to see everything. Who they called, who called the, and what name is associated to the number (that is stored in the DROID's address book) in the call logs.

All of this for a bit more than a dollar a day. Right now, there is only ONE place to buy Android spy software. The company (Mobile Spy) is one of the leaders in spy phone technology, and the first to release spy software for Android. In fact, they were also the first to release iPhone spy software.  They definitely know their stuff.

If you want more information on Android spy software, check out Mobile Spy.

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What Is Android Spy Software How Does Android Spy Software Work?

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Android spy software is an Android spy app that is used by anyone who wants to spy on an Android cell phone. Current Android based cell phones include the hot new Motorola DROID, MyTouch 3G, HTC Dream, Sprint HTC Hero, last years media darling G1, and many more. As long as the cell phone is running the Android OS, Android spy software can be installed.

Other uses for Android spy software include:

  • Teen Monitoring.  For concerned parents who are worried about their teen's cell phone use, and/or wants a way to track their children in case they are missing.
  • Employee Monitoring. Android spy software can be used as a way for employees to monitor cell phone use on company provided cell phones. In addition, it can be used to enforce compliance issues.
  • Cheating Spouse. The most popular reason people use Android spy software, is to catch a cheating spouse.
  • Personal Back Up. There are even individuals who purchase Android spy phone software to back up their own personal data.

In summary, Android spy software is an Android based spy app that is used for a variety of reasons ranging from employee monitoring, to keeping an eye on a suspected cheating spouse.


The way Android spy software works, is that a person MUST download the Android spy app directly into the Android cell phone. This is done via the Android's internet browser.

Once installed, the Android spy phone software becomes undetectable and immediately begins to record activity on the Android device and then secretly uploads all the data to an online web account.

The person who installed the Android spy phone software, can now log into their secure online account via any internet connected device, and view activity recorded on the Android cell phone.

Here is a list of current Android spy phone software features.

  • SMS Text Messages - Android spy software secretly records all incoming & outgoing text messages. Full contents of each message will be revealed. Even if the text messages are deleted IMMEDIATELY after being read, the Android spy software will still be able to record the message. Another way of thinking about this spy phone feature is that it enables you to recover & read deleted text messages on any Android cell phone.
  • Call History (with inbound/outbound time & call duration) - This Android spy phone feature will enable you to secretly read all the incoming and outgoing call logs. The name stored in the Android phone's address book that is associated to the number in the call logs (and text messages) will also be recorded.
  • GPS Tracking - With stealth GPS tracking, anyone can secretly track the coordinates of Android users. Locations are recorded and uploaded every 15 minutes, giving you a clear picture where the Android user is.

In summary, Android spy software works by secretly recording certain events on any compatible Android based cell phone.  Once installed, the spy software can perform a variety of unique spy phone tasks such as recording text messages, call logs, and even GPS locations.

In just a short time, this type of software has come along ways. It will just be a matter of time before more advanced spy phone features are released for Android based cell phones. These include remote monitoring and everyone's favorite LIVE Call Interception.


For more information or to purchase Android spy software, go to

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